• Mersin 15th Agriculture, Greenhouse and Livestock Exhibition
  • 5-8 March 2020
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10 reasons to invest in agriculture in Mersin

These advantages have strengthened the exports of the region and made Mersin a highly attractive location for foreign investors.
1. To be able to grow tropical and subtropical fruits such as bananas and citrus fruit due to having the right climate conditions that yield to earliness and product variety ,
2. Advanced olericulture and greenhouse cultivation,
3. Suitable soil conditions for good agriculture and organic farming,
4. Producers are open to innovation and implement new developments rapidly,
5. High level of access to domestic and foreign markets thanks to its strategic location, free zone, and port,
6. Mersin realizes up to 40% of agricultural exports ,
7. The potential for creating new gardens for exportation in field agriculture,
8. Rich ground and surface water resources,
9. Variety of agricultural products,
10. The presence of agro-based industries that process post-harvest crops.